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Holidays and weight gain. Grr.

So tough having a fall baby and avoiding putting on weight! 

With my March baby, I was out and about getting exercise, even if it was just a walk around the block with the stroller.  Now I have the holidays to contend with and basically being stuck inside.  Of course BFing is making me super hungry as well.. but the season doesn't help!  

Re: Holidays and weight gain. Grr.

  • Just remind yourself of the extra 500 or whatever calories breastfeeding is burning.  I also like to tell myself I am still technically eating for two - since I am making her meals :)
  • My OB was puzzled at my lack of weight loss between my 1st pp appt after Evan was born and my 1st visit for pregnancy #2 about 5 months later. I wasn't BF any longer and wasn't really dieting. I thought I would have lost some because of taking care of the baby and not eating as much, going for walks, etc. Nope!  It's going to be tough for me to lose this weight next year...but I want to so, so bad!!!  
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  • Everyone wants to give the baby a little holiday treat, which is fine- on occasion. The problem is, whatever he doesn't like goes right into my own mouth. <sigh> every summer I lose 10lbs, every winter I gain it back.

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  • well you can always do a work out video at home until you can get of the walk away the pounds videos are good because you can put the baby in a carrier and DD can "walk" with you or dance to the music or wahtever...
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