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Wal-mart is empty!

Well I just visited our local Wal-mart tonite (huge Super Store) and passed the baby section. I had to stop and look and couldn't believe what I saw. It was largely empty, the places where their cribs used to be were just empty spaces, one broken-down changing table, and one soiled, scuffed old glider - no cribs of any kind, and not much else in the way of furniture or bedding.

 Is it the Storkcraft recall, or does Wallyworld really not care about serving this market? I bet this will help ToysRus and the one local boutique baby store I know of that offer a real selection.

 Anybody else notice anything like this?.

Re: Wal-mart is empty!

  • maybe they just havent recovered from the weekend shopping...??

    we have a big walmart and a MUCH smaller walmart near us and do most of our shopping at the smaller one, but they both seem to be about equal in the baby dept....

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