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Post D&C Complaints

Part of this might be a little TMI, but I have to know if I'm alone on this. 

First, I get migraines and haven't had them in a while (thankfully).  Since my D&C though, I am getting headaches, not migraines, almost every day.  They come on an hour or so after I get up and just kind of linger for about half the day.

Second, I cannot seem to get regular.  I was not constipated with my pg, but have been since the D&C.  I'm taking a stool softener and that has helped, but I fear what it would be like without it. 

I've also gained a few pounds and feel very bloated still.  It's SO frustrating and I just want to feel normal again.  Has anyone else had any of this after a D&C?  I'm just wondered if it's related or if I am truly falling apart.  TIA.



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Re: Post D&C Complaints

  • The last two for sure; it took me a couple of weeks to poop like a normal human being (and even now, it's a crap shoot. HA! See what I did there? Sorry, poop talk turns me into a ten year old boy).

    My mom gets migraines and had horrible headaches after her miscarriage. It has to be hormonal. Can your doc give you anything?

    The bloating, I imagine, is also from horomones. Your body has been through so much, I think these are all just reactions to it.

    But talk to your doc, for sure. They should be aware of any reactions or lingering effects.

    I'm sorry you are dealing with this!

  • Luckily, I have my m/c f/u (which might mean follow up or might mean something else in this case) appointment in a couple of days, so I will talk with her.

    I have my migraine meds I could take, but these are def different and I hate to waste the good stuff on this.  They still suck though.  As far the pooping, no apologies needed.  My DH giggles every time he farts, so I have good anal humor. 

    I could probably do more to take care of all issues, but I don't know to what extent this is caused by the pg and m/c and what's not.  Ach!

    Thanks for the info.



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    Formerly toddandjulie
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  • The second, yes. And it hurt to go too.

    My bloating lasted for about 2 weeks post D&C though I lost weight in that time...I haven't been eating properly.

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  • I haven't had migraines, but do get an occasional headache. I am still very bloated and have gained a few pounds. I have to take iron supplements and stool softener because I lost too much blood when I took Misoprostol. For the stool softener, I have to take it everyday otherwise I get very constipated. Hope this helps!
  • The constipation will happen because of the anesthesia.  I had a spinal fusion a couple years ago, and it took a good week to go at all.  I was so bloated I looked pregnant. 

    With my d&c, it took about 5 days.  I was so happy when I was finally able to go, lol. 

    After any type of anesthesia, you should take a stool softener because it messes with your processes.  It is the side effect that most people don't know about, lol.

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  • Pooping was not a pleasant (or reliable) experience. Part of it was the chemicals in the anesthesia (I think!) and part of it is leftover preg. hormones.

    And I totally bloated up after meals just like when I was preg. That lasted the longest (about 2 weeks).

    Sorry hun.. life just sucks balls sometimes,

  • I had my D&C a week and a half ago and am still very bloated.  I feel like I look more pregnant now than I did when I was actually pregnant...Also, anxiously awaiting AF and ready for my body to go back to normal.  Hang in there!  You're not alone!
  • I have "going" issues on a regular basis but after my D&C it got ridiculous. I went once in about a 2 week period, DH was very worried and thought I was going to explode, his words... I was in so much pain that I took like 3 ExLax and a stool softener, probably TMI. I'm still having to take a softener and it's been over a month since my D&C but like I said I've always had issues and I think the D&C worsened my everyday problems.
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  • HMM I never had constipation issues (after 3 mc's) but the headaches I def had after my 3rd which was considered a later loss. My OB said it was due to hormone changes. Bloatedness was a def each time for about 1-2 months.
  • I started getting migraines on Friday (about 10 days after my D&C) and every day since then. I hope to put together a calendar this week before my follow up appt on Friday with what I've experienced since the D&C. I'm having a hard time remembering everything!

    I hope you feel better soon!

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