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My Grandmother's name is...


I just thought it was a very unique name that I would throw out there.


Re: My Grandmother's name is...

  • I've never heard that one!

    My grandmas are Erma and Imogene.

    S- March 09 E- Feb 12 L- May 15

  • I haven't heard that name before either!

    My grandmothers names are Rosemary and Joycelyn (joy see lynn)

  • Oneida and Alicia. My sister is already named after Alicia, but the other grandmother's name is up for grabs!
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  • Euna and Rose
  • Mine are Susan and Kathryn.  Not unusual
  • Jean and Gertrude.
  • Desiree and Shirley
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  • Charlotte and Genevieve. They're both quite popular now.
  • Sylvia and Syble (spelled this way), Patsy and Barbara (step).
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  • Ada & Joan



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  • Beatrice and Beatrice.  Yep, both named Beatrice.
  • Rita and Ann
    Mr. & Mrs. B, Est. 10.23.2009
    m/c: 9/06/12
    LTB: 10/23/13
    Baby B 2.0 EDD: 3/15/16

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  • Edna, Virginia and Patricia
  • Muriel and Hazel.
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  • Antoinette and Evangeline
  • Mine: Margret & Ann

    Greats (that I knew growing up): Ida & Blanche

    DH has a great gma that was named after the family horse...


  • Blanche (changed from Blanca) & Hilda

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  • Isabella and Phyllis

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  • Aleksandra and Ana Maria
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  • Mine are Myra and Dottie.  I wanted to use Myra if we were having a girl.
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  • Esther and Geraldine. 
  • Fun thread....

    Freda Ruth & Marie Isabelle


  • Sandra. DH's grandmother's names are Beverly and Annabelle.
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  • Mary and Gloria


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  • Mine: Natalie (although her birth certificate said Nataliza before she changed it) and Dorothy May

    My GGM's: Josephine and Elsie Eliza 

    DH: Ligia and Alicia (both are already taken) 

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    Excited for Baby #2!

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  • Fun thread!

    Mine: Therese & Cecile

    DH: Denise & Marjory

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    Eleanor Noelle - 18/05/12 Claire Elisabeth - 16/-5/10
  • Great thread!


    Mine are Gladys June and Alina.  


    DH's are Clara Elizabeth and Josephine Jenny.

    BFP#1 - 08/30/09 - m/c - 10/2/09 7w4d
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  • Pilar and Patricia Evangeline
  • My grandmothers names are Lorraine and Adeline
  • Thelma and Elenore
    Daughter born July 2008; Daughter born March 2010 Son born August 2011
  • My grandmothers: Ruth Elizabeth and Dorothy Claire (she went by Claire)

    DH's: Jane (mn?) and Cynthia Anne (she goes by Anne)

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  • Bio: Frances Esther (went by Frankie) and Dolores ?

    Step: Edythe (went by Eddi)

  • Mine are Henrietta and Mildred

    DHs are Edythe and Barbara


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  • Mine are Mabel Louise and Jean LaVerne


    DH's are Phyllis Mae and Janet

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