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D name suggestions?

I have a daughter named Danielle and my husband has two sons named Dameon and Dominic so we want this baby to have a D name as well.  I have two that I like but he's kinda iffy on both.  For a girl I like Devina and for a boy I like Draven.  I am open to any suggestions on other D names.

Re: D name suggestions?

  • I love the name Delia for a girl

    For a boy, my favorite D name is David.

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  • I like David as well, it's on the list.  Wink
  • I like Devin/Devon for a boy or a girl.

    Duncan is at the top of my boy's list because it's my Dad's name.


    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • Delia, Diana, Deirdre, Danica, Darcy, Daphne Duncan, Declan, David, Dalton, Dean, Dane
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  • Dominique 

    Dylan, Derek, Drew, Daniel

  • Other good D names: Dillon, Daniel, Davis, Danica, Drea. I'm not a fan of Devina or Draven however.
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  • Boys: Dean, Dane, Drake, Duncan, Deacon, Drew, Declan, Desmond

    Girls: Delilah, Drew, Deidre, Demi

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  • Devon Big Smile  I love my name - unique but not bizarre

    I love Desmond for a boy

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  • Darcy, Delilah

    Dustin, Dillon/Dylon

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  • I'm so gald to hear you doign this! This is what we are doing too!

    DD's name is Donnabella, hubby's name is David, My name is Donella

    other D names: Dwayne, Drake, Duncan, Donovan, Dimitri, Dagan (Deagan), Davoren, Dominic

    girls: Diadora, Damara, Dianna, Davina, Dalia, Dorothy, Della

    Some of these I am throwing out to you are not on my list, some are on our list. As you can tell by some of them I like unusual names.

  • Girls: Delilah, Dahlia, Dana, Dalphine, Daphne, Deanna, Delaney, Desirae


    Boys: Drake, Dane, Daniel, Dante, Darius, David, Davis, Dean, Deacon, Dempsey, Dylan, Duncan,

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  • My name is Dianna, and I've always liked it.  I also like Dara (like Dara Torres).  For a boy, I like Dane.
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  • image sunnyday016:

    I love the name Delia for a girl

    For a boy, my favorite D name is David.

    i like the both of these
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