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Typical BFing Schedule @ 8 months?

Keira will now refuse to eat every 3 hours like she has been. Outright throws a fit if I try to feed her. She now will go 4-5 hours and it makes me uneasy. I am ok with 4 hours but not 5. I know she will eat when she is hungry, and she does, but is this "normal"?
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Re: Typical BFing Schedule @ 8 months?

  • Caleb will go 5 hours when I'm at work, but when we're at home he eats constantly. He wakes up, nurses, has solids and then nurses again. I have been nursing after solids since about 7.5 months and it has helped him sleep better at night. 

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  • We're at about every 3 to 3 1/2 hours still but only once in the night (around 3AM).  She's getting 3 small solid meals a day and I have noticed that the amount of time she's nursing is less (from about 10-12 minutes to 5-7 minutes).  I figure she's just more efficient though. 
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  • I think Natalie was at about every 4 hours at that age which lasted until we weaned at 12.5 mo.  As of about 9 mo she was consistently STTN also so she was really only nursing 4 times a day. 
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  • I'm thinking my DS was similar and nursed every 4-5 hours. Usually only 4 hours apart, but it varied. He nursed first thing in the am, after morning nap, before afternoon nap and then at bedtime.

    If you are uncomfortable with her going so long without fluids, just make sure to offer a sippy of water if you give her any solids or 'snacks.'

     If she's hungry, she will eat so try not to worry!

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