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Bob vs. Phil and Ted's

I orginally registered for the Bob revolution stroller, but now I am looking at the Phil and Ted's sport stroller for the conveinence of adding a spot for another kid (just looking down the road).  Anyone know the difference or have opinions on either of these strollers?


Re: Bob vs. Phil and Ted's

  • I have a BOB and a Phil and Teds VIBE, only because I was not planning down the road and got the BOB with the first. ?I bought the VIBE after my second was born. ?If I were to do it all?again, I would not get the BOB and just start with the Phil and Teds. ?Even if we were not to?have?had another one, it still would have been a smarter purchase. ?The VIBE folds up better and fits in my trunk (AUDI A4) much easier. ?Plus, I just like the look of the VIBE better. ?Way to think ahead, and get the Phil and Teds.?

    BTW, my kids are exactly 3 years apart, and we admittingly did/do not use the double all that often, but the times we do use it, we are happy that we have it. ?It would have been a much ?better purchase for us moneywise to get it to begin with.

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  • I'm in the same boat as you. I'm registered for the BOB, but now considering the P & T Vibe.

    Looking forward to more responses. 

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  • I have the P&T Sport with only one baby and got it with the intention to use the doubles attachement for baby #2.  The BOB is just so big imo and the double is even BIGGER, so now way was I going to ever want that. I love my P&T.
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