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Hello all. I plan to submit my notice this week and SAH starting in January. Although I've made up my mind about it, I'm still nervous. Any words of encouragement/positive thoughts are appreciated! TIA!

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  • Congratulations!  It can be an adjustment at first but I hope you find it a positive one.  It's so great to be able to see all your child's milestones and I really enjoy the flexibility that being a SAHM allows. 

    Be sure to utilize this board for questions, advice, and inspiration.  There are some great ladies on here and it's a great place to vent when you have an off day or share your joy when you are having a great one. 

    Good luck!!
  • Definitely seek out playgroups if you feel yourself getting isolated or your public library should have storytime once a week for your child's age range.  Staying at home was a very big adjustment for me and when I look back I wish I had seeked out playgroups, storytime, gymboree type of stuff.  It probably would have made the transition a lot easier.

  • i found it to be a much easier transition than anticipated and mine was due to a layoff.   the budgeting part can be a bit stressful-but after awhile that gets easier too.  know that you can't put a price/pay amount on the quality time you will have with your child(ren).  totally worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   that and i have noticed my stress level is way way way down.   i have time for me and for developing myself more.
  • You're going to love being a SAHM.  It's the most rewarding career there is, 
    IMO.  Yes, you will have rough days, but being able to be with your child every day makes it so worth it.  I thought it would be rough, considering I've always enjoyed working, but for me, it's been wonderful.

    I agree with PP, though.  I keep my sanity by not staying in the house all the time.  Get out with your LO and enjoy all that your area has to offer.

    Good luck, and enjoy the adventure! 

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