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How long were they in your bedroom?

I'm just wondering about how long MoMs usually keep their babies in the bedroom to sleep. Also, what is the reason for keeping them with you exactly?

I have no idea how long I plan to. We don't have a cosleeper, but just ordered a PnP for them to sleep in. After reading some other posts, I realized the Graco PnP may not hold them both very long :( I should have ordered the cosleeper, maybe.



Re: How long were they in your bedroom?

  • yeah- the weight limit on the PNP bassinet is not very high- and even with 2 small babies- it will be reached pretty quick.

    many MoMs put the babies in their cribs right away. We did not - for a few reasons... one being that the SIDS risk is supposedly decreased when babies sleep in the same room with parents (not in their bed though). The other biggest reason = being lazy... with the cosleepers you can comfort baby without getting out of bed at all.... even with a PNP or regular bassinet- you have to get out of bed to do the smallest thing like replace a paci - and with 2 babies having those types of little demands all night long- we LOVED the bedside cosleepers.

    You will still use a PNP when they are bigger as a "safe spot" to leave them when you have to leave the room, etc.... so it's not too late to get a cosleeper if you really want one - the PNP will certainly get used!

    check craigslist- they are often sold cheap on there- because you don't use them very long- they stay in good condition.

    We moved the babies to their room a few weeks ago- right after they turned 5mo. 

  • They were in our room for the 2 weeks my husband was off from work. After that they were in a PNP (and then 2 PNPs) in our family room- we shift slept, so the parent who was 'on' was in the family room with them for 5 hrs and then the parent who was 'off' slept in our bedroom uninterrupted for 5 hrs. It was a great system, if you formula feed & YH is willing to do it. I never felt sleep deprived.

    We put them in their crib/s at 6 weeks and then the 'on' parent slept in a guest room next to the nursery during their shift.  

  • ours are still in our bedroom but only because their room isnt done yet (we moved a week before they were born and DH has been slow to finish their room). they are sharing a crib. they will move out as soon as their room is done (which with DH could be 5-6 years-i hope im kidding).
  • we put our girls in their cribs in their room right from the start...they would eventually end up in our bed around the 2-4am feeding hindsight I would have liked to have had a cosleeper for the first 6-8 weeks or so...but it worked out ok getting them to sleep in their cribs...
  • 4 weeks in the PNP then to their cribs.  Their room is very close to our room, tho.  If we had a larger house I may be worried about it.
  • My  babies are 4 months and I am totally not ready to separate yet.

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  • One night.  And oh, what a night it was.

    It is mostly a space issue.  But the first night we brought them home I couldn't stand the thought of them being in another room.  They had been in the nursery at the hospital overnight but I knew there were nurses there and I didn't want them to be alone.  However we had NO room to walk around the PnP and we were up literally all night as they fussed and cooed and made baby noises that we were not used to.  Our backs were also killing us from bending over the PnP because the bassinet is lower than the crib height.  

    The second night they went into one crib in the nursery together and EVERYONE was much happier.  We put them in separate cribs a few weeks later too.  

    Also (just personally) I don't like having them in our bed at ALL overnight, even to have a bottle or BF, or to soothe, so keeping them in the bedroom wouldn't make sense for us anyhow.  I fed them in our bed a few times the first few weeks and woke up several times in a panic thinking I had fallen asleep with them there and that they were now buried under our blankets or worse... so no more feedings in bed at night for us! 

  • Never.

    They came home from the NICU at 2 weeks.  Preemies are SUPER NOISY.  So to save our sanity, they went in their own crib in their room (right next door) from the get go.


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  • They slept in our room for about 30 minutes!  Big fail.Big Smile
  • Ours are 4 months and still in two PnPs in our room. We will probably move them in another month or so.
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  • I still have the boys in my room in the Graco PNP. Definitly get the matching Graco quilted sheet, it adds a little cushion to the very flat hard mattress in the PNP.
    We did the co-sleeper in the beginning, but they got so long so quick they outgrew it. 
    My guys go to bed at 8:30pm and wake up at 7:00am. I feel like it's a long time to not see them. I'm just not ready to put them in a crib in another room and close the door. But that's just me :)

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