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daddy & orchid jam session

okay, i am pulling an all-nighter doing course work and needed to do something else to give my brain a rest (or am i just procrastinating further..?hmmm)

anyway, i am attempting to post a short video of james and orchid playing guitar and "keyboards" while singing and squealing. disregard the laundry..did i mention it's the end of the semester and i am buried in course work? hehehe (james is a drummer btw, not a guitarist, but he's trying to teach himself how to play)

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Re: daddy & orchid jam session

  • So cute!! Between singing with Daddy and singing at Kaleb's concert, it looks like you have a budding musician on your hands!

    PS - Hope the end of the semester is going well.  When do finals begin?

    DD1 is 3, DD2 is 1.
  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! And it was dark enough that I didn't see a speck of laundry. Maddie danced the whole time right along with them!

     Does she love that round and round thing? I saw that and thought Maddie would really love it.

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  • hahahaha!!!! I love it! DH is super talented!!!  Throw him your bra!
  • imageMoiselle:
    hahahaha!!!! I love it! DH is super talented!!!  Throw him your bra!
    LOL - how do you think she got ON this board!!!!
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  • AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You ladies crack me up! I'm being bad and sending this from the Library on campus where i am SUPPOSED TO BE doing research on yet another project paper
  • awww, SUPER cute!  Orchid's jammin away!
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  • Cute!!! I agree that it looks like she's a budding singer.

    Hope the studying went well! 

  • Finals begin in two weeks. I have a couple different Biology projects that I have to organize and summarize, a research paper, a many-page "spiritual inventory" paper (have i mentioned that i am planning to pursue a theology degree after finishing up the grad work for Biology? just making sure i stay broke. hahaha), an essay the topic of which i have not even checked to see (super procrastinator this semester) and then studying for finals. Ugh.

    Noelle - yes, Orchid LOVES the round activity center. it was a gift from one of my friends who has one for her daughter who also LOVES it.     ....Oh, and I have actually never seen James perform on stage beit acting or playing drums in his progressive metal band. If i had we probably wouldn't be together. lol. despite my best efforts of TRYING to get away from dating other artists and musicians, here we are together and happy. lol. when we met we were both in the mortgage industry.

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