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I think I might kill my mother-long day

So the day started off while I was getting ready for church, DH made fun of the shirt I was wearing (the new one I just got on Friday) Then I had what was either BH or contractions. I had about 9 or so in the next 3 hrs. Ranging anywhere from every 15 min to every 30 min. It freaked me out. Well this evening I asked my mom to take a pic of DH, DS and I for our holiday picture. DS didn't want to cooperate. She took a few and handed me the camera and I looked at them and realized i looked horrible. I said, "DH you are slouching and it makes me look like a giant next to you." My mom proceeded to tell me that I am a giant. What?!!!?!? First of all, You don't tell a pregnant woman that she is big. PERIOD. Second, a giant??!? Really? It took everything in me to get my son, thank her for watching him while DH and I were at a movie, and leave without crying. Ugh!!! I am so upset!

Re: I think I might kill my mother-long day

  • Although for different reasons I also might kill my mother. I think she is being insensitive. She just does not realize that what she says might actually be hurtful. My sister wants to throw me a shower for my family and friends. I am having a larger work shower this weekend. Well.... she proceeded to tell me that my sister should not throw me a shower and that what does it matter anyways since she never had one? I indirectly wrote about it on my blog. Just that I was not going to have a family shower since the family was so far away. She calls once my sister reads the blog and says oh look the princess is having a pitty party today. wtf... I am allowed to be a little sad that my family is half way around the country and the family and friends that I have close by wont get to come to a shower even if it would be 7-9 people. I just dont get why she is so judgemental.

     Sorry you are also dealing with this. it sucks.

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