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Those doing or have done IVF. How many is the maximun embryos

that you have or would be willing to transfer back? Are you scared of multiples? In August we transfered 3 back and none took, yesterday we transferred 4 back. I am happy with hour decision but still a little nervous. It was a Day 3 Transfer. Had it been a Day 5 Transfer-Re would have never transferred 4. 

Re: Those doing or have done IVF. How many is the maximun embryos

  • I just had 4 embryos transferred too.  I am ok with that number because of my age (over 40).  I think it depends more on age than on anything else.  I wouldn't want 4 embryos if I was in my 20's or early 30's.  Cornell will max out at 5 for someone who is over 42.  I think that sounds about right - anything more is insane!
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  • I had 4 transfered on day 3 for my fresh cycle and 3 for my frozen.  Based on the guidelines that are set up for my age and FSH range that was the max.  After the 3 day transfer we found out that 3 out of the 4 left had made it to freeze we became a little nervous about the 4 that we transfered....but that ended in a CP.  At my age (39)  would do it the same way if I had to...the risk of multples is scary but I figure the chances are so slim for that happening.

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  • Thanks ladies. I will be 39 in January so I felt comfortable with 4. Good luck to you girls too.
  • I know age is what they set the guidelines for but I have tx four 2x, once resulted in a chemical (I was 33) and the next resulted in this pregnancy (I had just turned 34). I tx 3 perfect between those two cycles, bfn. You should be a-ok with 4 at age 39 but there is always a risk of multiples.
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