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If you nursed, which did you prefer?

I know that the Boppy seems to be the gold standard, but my girlfriend said that the Brest Friend was infinitely more useful. 


Thoughts? Which did you use? Did you register for both?


Thanks in advance! 

Re: If you nursed, which did you prefer?

  • I barely used my boppy. Other people swear by them. I just used pillows.

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  • I have both.  I had the boppy first, and after it wasn't helpful to me w/ feedings, I got the Brest Friend, which was infinitely better w/ nursing. 

    I think once you're experienced w/ BFing, the boppy is alright, but at the beginning, it's tough as you learn how to nurse, and the MBF helped w/ positioning DD.

    I still have the boppy and use it upstairs occasionally, but I also use it to place behind DD when she sits.  You can use the boppy for tummy time too.  So at least it'd get a little use if you end up like me buying both!

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  • I feel it depends on which position you BF in. The Bobby is better for football position and Brest Friend is better now that she lays in cross cradle hold (she used to just fall asleep in this position and now she's too big for football position as she kicks the back of the chair). I'm not a fan of the strap in the back of MBF. . .I don't use it.
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  • i have both and in the beginning i really preferred the breastfriend.  it just provides so much support and really helps you get the baby in the right position.  dh preferred the boppy, esp in the hospital bc it helped him hold ds. 

    now that i'm almost 3 months into it i don't really use either of them for feeding.  i haven't used the mbf since ds was probably a month old if not just a couple weeks, and same for the boppy.  i stopped using the pillows bc they are so bulky that i hated having them laying around the livingroom/bedroom that i really use our extra bed pillows or throw pillows if i need one.  and really i just need something to prop my elbow up.

    but now i've started using the boppy to let ds sit in and for tummy time. so ultimatly that pillow is more useful for me. 


    oh yeah, and i also used the boppy for myself when i first came home from the hospital w/hemmeroids lol.  it makes a great donut pillow for sitting on!  

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  • The hospital and lactation consultant all suggested my brest friend. I tried the boppy but you had to use that plus like 5 pillows. I only nursed for a short time because I had no supply, but the brest friend really helped me a ton, in what was a frustrating situation for me. I really did use my boppy a lot though, for resting her, she slept in it the first 6-10 weeks, and when she started sitting up we used it for support behind her. I brought it to the hospital with me and used it there.



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  • For nursing, the My Brest Friend was a lifesaver for me. I was having trouble getting DS positioned and latching, the MBF 100% helped me be able to get him latched. I loved it and used it for about 3 months.

    The boppy is nice to have around, we used it for tummy time. DS used to sleep in it on the couch when he was small. It's also good to help prop up a baby who can't quite sit up. 

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  • LOVED the  MBF for BFing. The Boppy was nice to have for other things, but not nearly as helpful when starting out BFing. They are pricey, but you can easily get half the price back on CL after you're done with it.
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  • I loved our Boppy & so did my DH. We've used it so much that it's almost separated in the middle so I'll be getting another one when #2 comes along. I never tried the MBF, so I don't have any experience with that.
  • I also loved my Boppy and had no compliants with it.  I never used the BF so I can't compare but I found the Boppy to be a lifesaver.

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  • I love love love my boppy. I even take it with me when I travel. I have 2 - one for upstairs and 1 for downstairs.

    They aren't something that you have to have "new" though. Try local consignment shops or Once Upon a Child. You can machine wash a boppy and get a new cover pretty cheap - I think covers are $8-12

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  • I liked my boppy too, but when I used the MBF-it was like a whole other world. Much better! Especially more helpful in the beginning when you're trying to work with latch, positioning, etc. In the boppy, I found that it wasn't supportive enough and the baby sort of squished the pillow and I had to use extra pillows to get it where I needed it.
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  • Another vote for both.  MBF was a lifesaver in the beginning - we used it almost to 5 months.  I now use the Boppy more for nursing, but we used it for tummy time and sitting on the floor.
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  • I actually used both. MBF was much, much better for feedings, but I used the boppy when she would nap on my lap or when she fell asleep in my arms, I'd set her in the boppy next to me to nap.
  • I've only had the boppy so I can't compare it to MBF.  I love that I've used the boppy for things other than nursing though. 
  • I used the Boppy and have no complaints. Now that we're more experienced with BFing we don't really need it anymore though. I never had a MBF so I can't really compare.
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