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Hey Jill,

I just wanted to check in and see how you're doing? We are at day 9!

Things are going just fine. My mother is giving me my shots at night since Jason is gone during the week and didn't make it home for Thanksgiving.

TMI - My only concern is that when I have a bm I have found slight blood in my stoole. This has only happened once last night and once today. I've been very careful this week but can't wait to get back into my walking routine.

Take care and I'll be in touch.


Re: JillAly

  • Hi Carrie- 
       I was thinking about you and wondering how you were doing!   I'm sorry your dh is away- is he traveling for work?  Does he have to travel a lot?  That must be really hard. 

        I wouldn't worry about the stool blood being related to transfer issues.  As for it being TMI- my dad was a colon-rectal doctor (insert your favorite ass joke here) so trust me, I've heard everything on this subject!.  It could be a lot of things - have you been eating enough fiber?  Drinking enough fluids?.  Definitely tell the doctor if it continues but a lot of time, blood in stool is just an irritation of the intestines or um- how do I say- you pushed hard when having a BM and broke some blood vessels.

        My dh and my son went to visit his in-laws for Thanksgiving.  I usually go but I didn't want to fly the day after the ET so I stayed home.  It also gave me 4 days of peace after the transfer instead of chasing  a toddler around.  My friend who is terrified of needles gave me the shots.  The first shot was funny - she screamed but I was one stabbed!  Then she did great.

        It's been really hard not to pick up my 30 pound toddler- especially because he was throwing up before he left (dh gave him too many sweets so he would leave me alone after the transfer) and now because he's sick with a cold.  I've broken the "no heavy lifting" probably about 10 times. 

        I'm trying to stay positive but my back is starting to get crampy- like period cramps.  It's not quite there yet but I don't know.  I"m trying not to think about it too much.  We'll see- it's not over until it's over.

        Are you planning on POAS?   My Beta is Thursday and I'll probably cave on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I always cave.

        I'm glad you posted!


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  • Thanks Jill for the medical advice/diagnosis. That makes sense.

    My in laws came up to FtWorth the weekend of my transfer for Thanksgiving.

    Last week was busy so I really didn't think about everything however this week is different. I'm really getting anxious. My appointment is Thursday at 8:15 and I'm not sure what to expect. I guess just blood work?

    Are you really going to test early? I've thought about it but not sure. I'm a newbie at all this. I'm not sure what POAS is...

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