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I was pregnant...

I just feel like I need to get this out since DH's comment on  T-day about my pg in Oct being a "false positive"

My breasts grew.

I was peeing a lot more.

I was constantly hungry.

I was exhausted.

I had a miscarriage with the week of bleeding that goes with it.

I can't get over that in 3 1/2 weeks


Re: I was pregnant...

  • (((HUGS))) some men don't get it!
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  • *hugs* yes you were. Those kind of comments don't help.
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  • It wasn't a false positive, it was a real pregnancy. I'm sorry he is not supportive. /hugs
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  • Sweety, I am so sorry.  Try not to be too hard on him for this though.  YOU know you were pg and so does he, it's just easier to believe it was a defective test than to believe that the baby you made together died.

    (((HUGS)))  It's so hard.  With my rogue BFP this last cycle and then nothing my DH is the same.  It wasn't confirmed but I know I was pg.  He is convinced it was a defective test.  Not to hurt me or minimise the issue but solely because he doesn't want to think that it was a true BFP and I lost it.

    Take care of yourself.  These things never go away but time makes it easier to deal with.

  • Nor should you be expected to get over that in 3 1/2 weeks. Men sometimes just want to "fix" us when we're broken and down, and their way of doing that is not always the best, unfortunately. I'm sorry he's being an asshat. ((hugs))
  • You were pregnant and the loss of a pregnancy no matter how brief, requires time to grieve. I really think that most men just deal with things differently then women.   I had the same problem with my DH, not that he didn't try to be supportive but the losses just didn't effect him as much as they did me and I found it frustrating that he wasn't as devastated as I was.  
  • I'm so sorry. :(
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  • When we were TTC DS1, we got a BFP shortly in to it. To this day I have to believe that the test (all 5 of them) was faulty.....It is too much for me to think that I miscarried. I know I am opposite of you, but it was and is too hard for me to face what I know to be true in my heart.

    You WERE pregnant. There WAS  a baby, and you know that. Your DH knows that too, but we all deal with grief differently. Maybe you can talk to your Dr. about how you are feeling. Everything you are feeling is healthy though. 


  • Hugs...I am sorry.
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  • Yes you were! I'm so sorry ((BIG HUGS))
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