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Christmas pics... *warning* - ovary ouching cuteness inside...




aaaaaaaaah !!   Even *I* just dropped an egg looking at these... LOL!  

Happy Holidays! (a little early.. ;)

Christine & Co.

Re: Christmas pics... *warning* - ovary ouching cuteness inside...

  • Those are too cute!!!!!!

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  • Holy crap, those girls are too freakin' cute!
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  • Very cute.  I especially love the first one. 
  • OMGosh!  your girls are too adorable for words .  beautiful pics! LUV the first one!
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  • OMG Christine!!!  I'm just lurking over here for a few more weeks, but those are the most adorable pictures I've seen in a while!!
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  • Total cuteness!  You must be so pleased with the photos!  Where did you have them done?
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  • SO cute!!! I would use that 1st one as a Christmas card. It looks so natural.
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  • Augh, I just ovulated!

    Toooo cute!

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  • I shouldn't have looked - I can't afford to waste any eggs.  Dang, lady, you make some really freaking adorable kids!!
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  • I didn't ovulate... I'm on the pill.  But if I wasn't...

    WAY cute, Christine.

    So when do I get to meet these darlings in person? Are you back in New Jersey?  My Little Man needs an older woman?just like his daddy. Wink


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  • Ladies- I swear, I'd SPEND the money, if i thought I'd get better pics from a superdy duper professional, but ...


    At Babies r Us.   I've had all the pics for our girls done there, and the whole package with me owning the prints (on a CD) and about 12 sheets was around $100 bucks.   TOTALLY worth it, and far cheaper than a studio. (also - I swear these photographers have the patience of saints.   I walked in with the two of them,... nearly ready to cry myself from trying to get them dressed and there.. Maggie was having a melt down, charlie just sat there wondering what the hell her problem was- and somehow?  We *still* got these pics.. amazing.)

    Robyn- I AM back... but am in rehearsals at the Metropolitan opera right now.    I'll know more about what my schedule looks like in about a week and a half.   If I'm not running into holiday time, we'd LOVE to see you guys!



  • So freaking cute!
  • OMGosh Christine - your daughters are just beautiful!  
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  • Holy moley, those are great. Your daughters are just adorable!  Their facial expressions are priceless!

    Your rehearsal comment reminded me, when we were doing the flower thing I found your website, and saw you will be in STL sometime soon, right?'s my hometown, have you spent much time there? I'm happy to help with food recs, and if you are bringing the girls I can suggest stuff to do.

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  • So very precious! I second the recommendation for Kiddie Kandids! We had halloween pics done there and are going back for Christmas pics in two weeks. Love them!
  • So frikin' cute!!! I just want to eat 'em up!
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  • I love them Christine!
  • I love these - but I love the first one *the bestest*. Their expressions are priceless.
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  • such cute pictures!!! they are precious!
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