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Houston.... we have a CRAWLER.. yikes.

Okay- I can't get over the fact that she's not even 7 mos yet and is hauling a$$ around the living room.    It started 2 days ago with a few "Steps" fwd, but yesterday, she really was moving and today?   yikes.    I found her across the room in 2 seconds, trying to drink out of her sister's sippy cup.

Charlotte - I wasn't READY yet!

(go speed racer goooo!)


Re: Houston.... we have a CRAWLER.. yikes.

  • Where did the time go, how did it go so fast!! That is just crazy that she is moving her butt all around..You got a smart girl over there missy, watch ouT!

  • The backpack full of bricks didn't work?
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  • Wowzza! That is fast! Are you sure she isn't ready to start college soon?? ;)
  • Our guy started at 5 months! I know the feeling! We can't even contain him anymore he is do freakin fast! Of course now he is taking real steps which is even crazier!!
  • Wow time has flown by. Exciting yet scary. Oh but I am looking forward to my DD to sit up.
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  • WOW! that is scary crazy!  but awesome too!  I also cannot get over the fact that she is almost 7 months old!  OMG!  where did the time go ???
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  • Maggie... HIDE YOUR TOYS! ;-)

    Way to go Miss Charlotte!


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  • Way to go Charlotte! 
  • Ahhhh, the crack-like lure of the sibling's sippy cup... Draws them in every in everytime.

    Congrats to the Divine Ms. C - and Cra**a**a**a***a**a**ap!

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  • Just in time for Christmas!  I guess your tree decorations'll start about two feet up this year!
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  • Wow!  We are both looking forward to and dreading the day crawling starts.
    DD1 is 3, DD2 is 1.
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