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Good TDay, but too much for Baby

My mom had most of her family and several of her friends over for Thanksgiving, most of whom had never met Mikey before.

It was a lovely meal and great to catch up with everyone but, while he started out quiet and shy, the noise and the crowd just got to him. He'd sit there, looking all cute and having everyone cooing over him, then he'd meltdown and we'd go back to my mom's room to comfort feed. He only napped for about a half an hour the whole day and was just sooooo tired and freaked out by there being so many people. Poor little love.

As the night wore on we had to keep spending more and more time away from everyone :(

But still, everyone thought he was pretty good and, of course, supercute.

All in all a pretty good Thanksgiving. Hope everyone elses was awesome!

Re: Good TDay, but too much for Baby

  • Oh, so sorry. you just never know what their mood will be.

    We actually lucked out. Sienna fell asleep on the way to my mom's at 3:30 & didn't wake up til 5:30. That was awesome. My biggest fear was the longer she was awake the more my brothers kids would be touchng her.

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  • as long as you got to see friends and family and were able to catch up with all of them, that's all that matters... sounds like Mikey did good to me!  He probably just wanted a turkey leg, that's all!  Wink
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  • Heather, that overstimulation got to us yesterday, too. Sounds like you had a good day though! :)
  • I am sorry it was a bit much for him, hopefully the next holiday will be a breeze!
  • I'm glad it was a good day, and that his meltdowns were fixable!
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