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what does this mean?

Hey ladies,

Ok, so this is the deal....I had a positive OPK on days 15 and 16.  I've still been POAS every day since, just to be sure I did O.  Today is day 22 and this morning I had a positive OPK...probably darker than the ones on days 15 and 16.  What does this mean?  Could I have been wrong about O last week and it's happening now?  Or could the + OPK also mean a + pregnancy?  So confused!


Re: what does this mean?

  • It could mean you geared up to O on cd 15 and 16 and never did. (OPKs are not 100%)  Unfortunately, without charting you do not know for sure if you did ovulate. 

    It could mean you are pregnant since LH (what OPKs read for) and hcg (pregnancy hormone) both have the same basic values BUT normally OPKs need a very high hcg to come back positive for pregnancy and even HPTs will not give you a positive 5-6 days past O. So have sex, you could be ovulating.

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  • Do you know how to check your own cervical mucus? That is a great indicator to know if you are fertile right now & ovulating. I temp, check my cm & use the opk's to get it down to the specific day.
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