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  • Gah! Our crib is one of the ones that was previously recalled (and needed additional safety pegs). Now I'm getting paranoid and thinking we should buy a new one all together. Of course, who knows when that one will be recalled . . .
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  • when we were buying our crib, a saleslady told us that they no longer sell drop-side cribs in Europe. I know Europeans are often ahead of us in banning stuff and inventing new things and this convinced me not to buy that type of a crib.
  • I didn't even consider a drop-down because I think the concept is inherently dangerous, but that's just my opinion.

    Although I did see the CPSC Chairman's (chairwoman's) interview on the Today Show this AM, and she actually recommended parents not to use any drop-down crib if they can.  The 'fixes' are just plastic and the design is still flawed.  They'll be working on banning drop-downs in the future. 

  • so sad for those families, but glad I just registered for one that doesn't drop down.
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