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Pediatrician Question for while in Hospital

I'm gonna be delievering at Banner Thunderbird. I know hospitals usually have a Pediatrician on call, right? Well I was debating if I should find a Pediatrician that I like and it local or has rights there to use them or what..?

 I ask because I'm based out of Fountain Hills- long story short, the OB I'm seeing was recommend by our previous OB (we moved from FL to AZ in July due to Hubby's employment) who had residency with the guy here in AZ and we love the guy and the hospital we'll be doing everything else. I'd just like people's opinions.

 I'm thinking of finding a Pediatrician that has rights there because then it's someone we know who understands our views....but then again at the hosptial don't they just do the PKU, Jaundice and whatever other tests? Isn't that the point of what the Pediatricians do while at the Hospitals?


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Re: Pediatrician Question for while in Hospital

  • Our pediatrician doesn't go to our hospital (JCL), so with DD we just saw the staff ped, and then went to our ped when she was 3 days old.  It was fine.  My ped only goes to one hospital and my OB doesn't deliver there.  Plus JCL is very close to our house.

    The only problem I can think of is if you having a boy and plan to circumcise, then you might want a ped you know and trust.  I'm having another girl, so it isn't a problem for me.

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  • I wouldn't worry about not using your pedi at the hospital. I know plenty of people who wanted to deliver at so and so hospital but the pedi didn't make rounds there. They don't really do much but check on him while he's there, make sure everything's alright, etc. We got DS circumcized but did it in office at 5 days old after they made sure he was gaining weight, etc. I delivered at banner tbird in april and had a pretty good experience. good luck :)
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  • I did not use the hospital one and am glad I didn't.  He was rough with the baby and I would have never let them circ.  Found my own and went the day after we were released.  Good luck.
  • I was happy with the one the hospital recommended. Maybe ask your postpartum nurse to recommend one they like?????
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