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Mesa/Tempe OBGYN Help!!!!!!

Hello everyone! I am new to this site and I live in Mesa, Arizona! I recently started  going to "Drs Goodman and Partridge, the one by chandler regional hospital. However, I am hearing really scary things about them. I have Dr. Jennifer Iacovelli. I was thinking about just staying with them until my first ultra sound because I already have the appointment. They were really awesome during my first appointment and it has been a pain getting into anywhere else. I want to deliver at Banner Desert on Dobson and the 60. Does anyone know of any good OBGYN's in my area that they could refer me to!?! This is my first baby and I am a nervous wreck, hopefully it will pass!! Thank you guys so much!


-Melissa :)

Re: Mesa/Tempe OBGYN Help!!!!!!

  • I use Dr. Susan Kudlinski in Gilbert (Guadalupe & Gilbert Rd.).  I loved her for my first and am staying with her for my second.
  • I went to Goodman & Partridge while PG with DS#1.  This time around I decided to switch and am going to Valley Women for Women because a friend referred me and I really like them.  They have an office on Gilbert and Baseline and a website if you want to google them.  HTH!
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  • I have been going to Contemporary Care for Women at Guadalupe and Greenfield Rd.  My doctor is Dr. Hartzfeld and she's awesome.  Even their nurse practitioners there are so great.  The first time I went in I had to see a NP because my doctor got called out to do a c-section on one of her patients.  The NP was so great and she answered all of my questions and calmed all of my fears.  She could relate to me and made me feel so comfortable.  I would highly recommend them.


    This is my first baby too.  I had thought about going to Drs. Goodman & Partridge initially, but I had read too many bad reviews on their billing services and lack of sincerity when dealing with some patients.  I haven't had any of these problems with my doctor.  She also delivers at Banner Desert.  I've never had a problem with appointments and I have a pretty restricted schedule since I'm a teacher and hate calling in a sub to go to an appointment.  They also have a location in Chandler or Tempe I believe. 

  • I am going to womens partner and see Dr Schallock.  I love her
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    I use Dr. Susan Kudlinski in Gilbert (Guadalupe & Gilbert Rd.).  I loved her for my first and am staying with her for my second.

    I'm glad to hear this. She's the one i'm seeing too

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  • Good to know!!! I have been using her! My friend referred me to her and I LOVE her..she is so sweet and really knows what she is talking about. I tend to be the nervous type and she really knows how to calm me down!


    Thanks ladies!! :) 

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