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Warning label on side of Munire crib- how to get off???

I have 2 Munire Newport cribs & b/c of the size of the room, they are back to back with a short side against the wall. So, the other short side faces into the room & both have that warning sticker/label on the bottom. I thought it would peel off easily but I went to take off one & found that it did not, little pieces of the label came off at a time, etc... I don't want to have to scrape at it or use anything that will affect the finish- any tips on removing that label???

Re: Warning label on side of Munire crib- how to get off???

  • They are not meant to be removed. I know that is probably not what you wanted to hear.. but you are kinda stuck just dealing with them!
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  • Goo be gone works wonders on sticky stuff. The guys who delivered my furniture used it to take off the sticky stuff on my crib.

    (PS - like pillow tags, it really is okay to remove - as long as you pay attention to the warning before you remove it) 

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  • I cannot stand looking at warning labels, either!  You can also spray with Endust and let sit, then wipe off.  Vegetable oil works, too.  I googled this when we got out changing table, and there are TONS of things that can remove the sticker that you probably already have at home.

     Just make sure you keep the manual.  The same warning will be in there.

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  • It's just a warning to not put them to sleep with stuff in the crib I think- like a SIDS prevention warning, I definitely don't need it on there. Thanks for the tips!
  • As pp says, Goo Gone (lots of versions of this stuff out there... I've gotten it as "Goof Off" too) works wonders for stuff like that.  Only bad thing: It stinks after... and hard to get rid of the smell. I usually have to wash the thing I used the Goo Gone on with hot soapy water to get rid of the smell.

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  • warm soapy water on a washcloth works well for me.  If it's on glass, I use alcohol (wouldn't recommend that for the crib, though), but what pps have said about oil work as well.
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