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how often?

I've read/heard so many conflicting theories on how often to "do the deed" when trying to conceive.  I've heard every other day, every day, and every 36 hrs.  What are your thoughts?  Today is day 15 for me.  DH and I did it Monday night (day 12), yesterday afternoon (day 14).  This morning the OPK looked like it may be positive...??  (they are so hard to read).  I was thinking we should do it tonight and then on Sat morning (day 17).  What have you all heard and/or suggest?

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  • If you do not have any known male factor issues, it is best to do it every day for 3-4 days after receiving your first positive OPK. If you know of male issues, it is best to hold off a day in between to regenerate sperm.
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  • Actually, DH did a SA last week and we got the results this was normal!  :)  So, it looks like we should try every day starting now and through the weekend.  Sounds good!  Thanks Krissyh21!

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