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Did/Does anyone else wake up during the night thinking LO is in the bed getting squished or under the covers?  We don't even co-sleep and have never brought her in the bed to sleep.  And yet I continue to wake up all the time looking for her in my sleep.  I usually end up waking up DH since I start tearing off his covers, thinking she is under there.

I wonder if this happens more because I am nursing her.  Because it is usually I am dreaming that I am nursing her and then I wake up thinking she rolled under or something.  Once I am awake my boobs feel full, so maybe it is related to that.

When does this end?  DH thinks I have lost my mind.

Re: S/O Sleep

  • That honestly didn't happen to me because I was in his room too often to fall that deep into a sleep!  I did have other anxiety dreams though and they tapered off after awhile, but not completely.  I think that's all just part of being a mom and being so preoccupied with our precious little gifts!
  • Never any dreams like that.  But I did used to fall asleep while nursing DS a lot in the begining.  I would wake up in the glider with him in my lap and it is a miracle I never dropped him!!  I was fearful of co-sleeping at the time, I fell for all the hype about it being so dangerous.  Then I researched the facts about co-sleeping.  Once I created a safe co-sleeping environment I was so much more at ease.  And he was definitely safer than if I had dropped him on the floor falling asleep someplace unsafe! 
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  • I fell asleep while nursing in bed, one time, and it freaked me out even though everything was fine.  After that I would wake up at night and not remember when I fed her, if I put her back, if she rolled off the bed...etc.  It was never in my dreams, just that split second of panic when I woke up.

    It does go away.  I think its just from all the fatigue.  It will get better when she starts dropping nursings in the night. 

  • hmm. I don't think that ever happened to me.. When she DID sleep in our bed (which was rare) I was always very aware of where she was..
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  • I have heard others say the same thing and I had it once myself - it sucked!  But he was safe and soung in his PNP!
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  • I started freaking out when I read this... YES! I had the same exact nightmares. That and one where he would slip into the crack b/w the bed & the wall. We only co-slept, once or twice. I woke up at least 10/15 nights tearing apart the covers w. my heart pounding.
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  • That "dream" happens to me all the time!  Its especially bad because the cat  always sleeps pressed up against me and Tess wears a fleece sleep sack to bed, so in that weird state of consciousness, I think the cat is the baby.  I've definitely freaked DH out a couple of times.
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  • I have all kinds of dreams - as my DD got older there were so many dreams about her sleeping with us or that she had gotten out of her room and I needed to check the baby gate at the top of the stairs.  Very stressful!
  • Yeah, I used to wake up all the time thinking that she was in bed with me.  My mom told me that the same thing used to happen to her and she would make my dad get out of bed and turn all the lights on because she was absolutely convinced that I was in bed with them.  Seems like it's a pretty common mommy anxiety dream.  I still have it every once in a while, but not anywhere near as often now that she STTN. 
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