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Toxoplasmosis scare

I just got my blood work back and it shows that at some point in the past I have been exposed to toxo. Unfortunately, they can?t tell me how long ago just that it?s not a current infection. I?ve had cats my whole life, first an outdoor cat and now, for the last 15 years, two indoor cats. In recent memory (last several years), I?ve always been careful to wash thoroughly after I do their litter box. Once I got the BFP, I stopped all litter box duties. I am very worried that, despite being so careful these last 4 months that I somehow got exposed and harmed LO. Both my midwives and DH are not concerned ? with my history of having cats and the fact that the NT test, amnio and 3 ultrasounds have showed a very healthy baby. Am I being overly paranoid?
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Re: Toxoplasmosis scare

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    If your midwives aren't concerned, you shouldn't be. Many people have been exposed to toxoplasmosis. Keep in mind you can get it from sources other than cats (gardening, handling raw meat, etc). Don't stress. :)

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    Yes. I think you are. I have been changing catboxes since I was 12 years old and have had cats my whole life. I currently have 3 right now. I don't change the catbox right now (because I like not having to; SO does it) but if I had to, I would. When you caught it, you probably thought it was a stomach bug and now you have some immunity to it. If the tests come back normal, then there is nothing to worry about. GL
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    I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure your baby is just fine. Like the pp said, there are other things that you can get it from (not just cat litter boxes).

    Take Care and try not to worry (I know easier said than done).

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    CALM DOWN!!! Big Smile

    You probably got it years ago. I know that I got very ill once after changing a litter box (stomach flu like symptoms that lasted four about 24 hours). I am not worried. I stopped cleaning the kitty litter once I got pregnant, but DH has been out of town at least three times since then, so I have had to just wear gloves, not put my face too close, and wash my hands very carefully afterwards. You will be fine.

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