2nd Trimester

NBR: Dinner.

I've been a pretty good girl as far as eating goes for a little while now so when my fiance mentioned he wanted some pizza I figured why not? So I got dressed, went to the pizza place and ordered 1 large pizza and a order of cheesey bread. The guy tells me its going to be about 10 mins, I said it was fine. He comes back about 10 mins later with 3 large pizzas, 1 cheesey bread, 2 orders of garlic bread and a side of marinara sauce. I looked at my receipt to make sure I didn't pay for all that stuff and sure enough, I hadn't. I let him know that I hadn't paid for all of that and that I was a little confused. He told me since I'm the last customer of the night, I get the rest of the pizza they'd made but hadn't sold if I want it. So I of course said sure and brought it home. I think we just made my fiance and his visitors very happy without actually doing anything... Anyone want some pizza?

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