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I have taken it off and on for the past few years to jumpstart my period. I don't have a period without this. If you take it, does it make you exceedingly depressed? I've taken it off and on for several years, but this round (on day 2 of a 10 day cycle to start my period) seems to be really harsh.

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  • not me.  My sister took it and felt a little dizzy, nauseated, etc.  I LOVED this med.  I just took it at night right before I went to bed and always slept like a baby!  Provera made me feel a little odd though.
  • I didn't necessarily feel really depressed on it...but definitely more emotional.  I would feel like crying at the drop of a hat.  The side effects hit me pretty hard.  I was super duper tired all day long (even though I took it in the evening).  I had to take naps on my lunch break at work to make it through the work day.  I was nauseated, dizzy, and towards the end of it, crampy.  I've only been on it it twice so far (no period without it either), but I'm not a big fan!

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  • I am currently on it and I don't feel depressed but I am super tired.  I feel like I could close my eyes at any part of the day and immediately fall asleep. This is my first time ever on it and I haven't started my period yet.
  • I took it for one month to jump start my period. I only had to take it one month and I have had 2 normal cycles after. I was on bc for 7 years and went 4 months w/out a period. It made me feel really loopy! It was worse when I drank caffeine GL this month :) 
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