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What is on your LO's Christmas list?

We have a few things for ds, but we are being asked for a list! Yikes, I have no idea what to put on it!

I have started with a Hess truck, FP L&L barn, FP L&L flip phone.....and that is it! We tend to buy what we want/need when we see a great deal on it, so that doesn't leave much!

Any ideas for a 6 mos old?

Re: What is on your LO's Christmas list?

  • we bought e a rocking chair, a playskool dump truck/wagon ride on thing, 2 pkgs of tonka trucks, a big stuffed giraffe, a set of stacking acups, a little pot and pan kitchen set, a mickey ornament

    I would highly recommend the fp learning table, musical push toy.

    noone asked for a list.  My mom bought him a couple melissa and doug puzzles, the FP bowling set, and I'm not sure what else.  I can't remember what she told me and my dad won't tell me.  My sister won't tell me what she is buying him.  They all believe in suprises.  He wo'nt get anything from DH's side of the family.

  • I went through Justin's pics and at 6 mths he was really into books. It was also when he started to get into things that rolled around that he could push, like balls.

    For Justin, I cannot even imagine getting him anything at this moment. I think it was a bad day for me to respond considering my ENTIRE living room floor is covered with new bday gifts from family. 

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  • This is Eve's "wishlist".. Its for both Christmas and Her birthday and of course we won't get her everything..

    I have also already gotten her.. Parents Busy Zoo,  Wooden Alphabet Blocks, The My Pal Scout Leapfrog Puppy, and a couple of stuffed animals. I also think I am going to get her the Elmo knows your name cell phone and the elmo remote control..

    She has a leapfrog table already which is definitely a hit.. and if you can find it, I TOTALLY recommend the FP Sing A Long Stage..Its a big mirror with buttons and it plays music and lights.. I thought it was discontinued but I just saw it at Target the other day. i don't know if they just brought out some old ones for christmas or what..

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  • Gavin got the FP Laugh and Learn Musical Table for Christmas last year, when he was about 8 months old, and at 18 months old he still plays with it.  He loved it!  We left it without legs at first, then just put two on so it was angled and he started pulling up for it.  Now, he goes in his room and will play the piano or "answer the phone."  I highly recommend that. 

    I also looked back at pictures to get idea - he loved sitting in his Bebe chair (like the bumbo) and playing with the attached toy.  He really started getting interested in board books...mostly chewing, but you know... :)  He started reaching for the dog bones at that time, too!

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