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Lexington Moms Daycare?

Hopefull we won't have to use daycare as my DH works nights and I work days but, I'm interested if anyone has one they like.

Re: Lexington Moms Daycare?

  • I have started touring day care centers in Lex. I've been to about 4 and really only like one so far... Woodland Early Learning Center (Kindercare) on Woodland Ave. It is also the most expensive I've seen so far - 189/week - so I'm struggling with paying that much. My DH works in Louisville and drives back and forth everyday so I'll be the one to drop off and pick up. Its so close to my work that I think the higher price may pay for itself in convenience.
  • Cool, I'll check that one out. We're going set up a couple visits in the next few weeks. I'll update.
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  • Any update? I decided to go with Woodland Early Learning despite the high cost. I just think it being so close to me will make me feel better.
  • Is that close to UK?
  • Yes, it is very near the library... on the corner of Woodland Ave. and Columbia Ave. I work on Waller Ave. and it took me 6 mins to get there.

  • I just joined The Bump, and I realize you already chose KinderCare, but for those reading this and are searching for a daycare in the Lexington area, I highly recommend Crestwood Christian. It's sandwiched in between Tates Creek Road and Nicholasville Road. Our daughter was in daycare while I attended the University of Kentucky. She began at 1 and went until she was nearly 3 years old. I absolutely loved it.

    We had actually narrowed it down between CC and KinderCare. You're absolutely right, KinderCare is pricey. On the other hand, it's practically on campus so if you work at UK or close by, it is convenient. Crestwood, however, is not as pricey. I'm sure rates have gone up in the last two years, but I believe they were at least $15-$20 cheaper a week than KinderCare. The teachers and Director were great. The classrooms were nice and clean (and really looked like classrooms for the little ones), and they had a nice structure to their day. I loved that the kids did not stay in one room, but actually ventured to different areas throughout the day for their activities (i.e. Music, Library time, tumbling, playground time,etc.) This was actually a big reason why we chose Crestwood over KinderCare. We really liked the different activities and programs the center incorporated. I was especially impressed with the 2 year old room and teacher. My daughter was potty trained about a month after beginning in the room. A routine is implemented and the children's activities, eating habits, behavior, etc are recorded and given to the parents at the end of each day.However, it is Christian based, so if you are raising your child to practice a different religion, or no religion, it may not be a good fit. Outside of that, I think it's a great place.

    Ultimately, as a parent you just know whether or not a daycare is going to be a good fit. We toured the most expensive daycare in Lexington, and found it to be a dismal experience after being there for 10 minutes. It's important that you feel absolutely 100% comfortable because this is the place your child will spend most of her/his day.

  • Thanks so much for the advice. I actually just got off the phone with them and am going to take a tour next week. It is about $25/week cheaper and I do like that it is Christian based care. The only down side I see to it is getting there in the morning and afternoon. Like I said, I'm going to look at it next week. I'll keep you posted!

    Thanks again!

  • I know I am very late to this post but if you are looking in to christian base care you sould look at creation kingdom my 2 babies go to the one in grorgetown but they have a few centers in lexington too. You should check out the website https://www.creationkingdom.com
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