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WDYT re: Christmas Cards?

First, let me apologize for being a post whore today!!  Anyways, normally we send out Christmas cards every year.  I was just planning on sending a photo card of Justin, though it will be a mad rush to get this done because I am due Dec. 13th.  I haven't even taken his picture yet.  My sister mentioned waiting until the baby is born to get one of them together, but if he isn't born until at least the 13th there is no way I could pull that off in time.  Would it be weird to send something after Christmas, like a New Years card?  This way I could get a pic of the baby too.  However, we will do announcements for the new baby anyways, so maybe I should just send a picture of Justin before Christmas?  WDYT?
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Re: WDYT re: Christmas Cards?

  • Although I like your idea of sending out a New Years card to include the baby I myself would probably keep it simple since you are sending out announcements and just do Justin on the Christmas card. 

    I don't even get as far as sending out many Christmas cards so I'm impressed with your effort!

  • I would proably just do a pic of Justin so that I could get it done since you will do a photo of the baby later.  But I like to get ours out early.  However, I recieve cards still after Christmas and don't think anything of it, just figure people get busy. 
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  • My boss did this and it was well received! Her last kiddo was born in the beginning of was well after Christmas that she sent out a photo card that was a combination of Holiday (they send out those due to having a lot of Jewish friends) and birth announcement. It had one pic of the 3 kids together and another of just the new baby on one card.

    She was so busy having the 3 kids that she just didn't get around to getting them done on time, but everyone loved the new baby picture and didn't complain!

  • You could do a really cute Christmas photo card of Justin looking at your belly with a big bow on it.  It could say something along the lines of "We are waiting for a special gift this Christmas".  Then when your baby is born you could send out an announcement that goes with the same idea- Christmas came early to the __'s.
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  • Read2Me....that's an awesome idea...thank you!!
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