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HSG exam help!

I was wondering if anyone here has had the HSG exam and found that it can actually help conceive (apart from just diagnostic benefits)

I don't feel infertile, but my ob (who is excellent) thinks I may have low fertility :(



Re: HSG exam help!

  • The exam is meant to rule out any problems with your tubes. It is one of the first steps in order to determine what the best course of action is.
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  • My OB/GYN mentioned the HSG can "flush out" the tubes so to speak and increase fertility in the next few cycles. Not sure if it was the HSG or the clomid, but 2 cycles later we had a BFP.
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  • My doctor told me that you are more fertile after an HSG b/c it flushes everything out. However, I haven't gotten a BFP yet and I had mine at the end of August. I'm not trying to be negative but it really got my hopes up and I wished she had never said anything.
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  • the HSG can flush out your tubes.  In my case i got a BFP the next cycle but m/c unfortunately.  I did have a blockage that they were able to flush out with the HSG.
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  • You guys are very helpful. Thank you for your answers!

     I was waiting to schedule my HSG exam and found out this morning that I am pregnant. Took 5 tests at home to confirm that this has in fact happened for me!!

     I know every woman is different, adn this process is so heartwrenching and exhilerating at the same time - and I hope you all experience the happiness that is overwhelming me right now very very soon. 

    And since one particular piece of knowledge was very helpful in my conception I'd love to share it, if you allow me. My friend recommended this book "Taking Charge of your Fertility" which I thought was bogus "rythm method" nonsense. But I read the first chapter online on Amazon, got hooked on the logic and biological details offere, and timed my next attempt on day 24 of my cycle, as recommended by the books guidelines, which is when I got pregnant. 


  • congrats on your BFP!
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