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Hi there.  I'm new to the bump and still a little ways from thinking of TTC but thought this would be a good place to ask about ob-gyns in the Nashua area.  I'm in my 30s with some health stuff that will make me high-risk so I'm looking for an experienced, knowledgeable ob-gyn.  (I know, aren't we all??)

I'm also looking for any feedback about delivering at SNHMC.  Technically I live in MA (Chelmsford to be exact) but I work in NH and my insurance is through NH and all my doctors seem to practice through SNHMC so it seems logical that I try to have most of my care through them.  Blah blah, I'm writing too much for a first post.

Anyways, any help would be appreciated.  THANKS.

Re: Nashua Area OB-GYN

  • I wish I was familiar with the area, but unfortunately am not. This board's pretty quiet too...which is a shame.
  • If you were willing to drive a little farther I think that the Elliot might be a good place for you. My coworker and a parent at my school ?had their babies there (both of them had prior medical issues) and loved it.?

    I don't know anything about Nashua though! Sorry!?

  • Hi,

    I just delivered at SNHMC in August. They just added a new birth center earlier this year so everything is new and very nice. The rooms are big enough for labor and natural delivery to take place. On any normal day I'm sure there's plenty of room for all the mothers who end up in labor and delivery but the day I was there all of the rooms were full so we ended up in an evaluation room  but thankfully my labor and delivery was pretty quick. As I'm sure is the case with any hospital, it was loud at night, I found it pretty impossible to get any sort of quality sleep between the intercom, alarms and visits from the nurse. It's also a teaching hospital so there could be a med student that is involved in your delivery as well, if I remember correctly the students are all 2nd and 3rd year. 

    As far as an OB-GYN goes, I like mine. She's in a practice with another doctor and I like her as well. The one thing I wasn't too crazy about, and didn't find out until after I was well into my pregnancy, is that they rotate on-call delivery responsibilities along with 3 other doctors who have their own practices. So, the doctor on call was someone I had never met before. She was great and I'm sure I'd like to have her as my OB but I still would rather have had a prenatal visit with each of the doctors at least once before.  I have a friend that delivered her kids at Elliot, her OB is in a practice with 5 others who rotate on-call delivery responsibilities. The office scheduled the prenatal appointments so that she saw each doctor that could possible deliver her kids at least once during her pregnancy. Personally, I think that is better.

    Hope that helps!


  • i delivered both my children @ snh they're pretty good!! we r on r third & we'll b delivering threre again. my obgyn is dr. defiek @ darmouth right next to the hospital. he's really good!! he's gentle, takes his time aswering any questions or concerns u have. there # is 603-577-4300. all the doctors here r pretty nice but i like my doc the best!! ;) dartmouth rotates their doctors as well so they recommend that u see all of the doctors
  • I go to Women's Care of Nashua at SNHMC. They came highly recommended from some friends and I recommend them too! I see Dr Maynard. It's my first pregnancy so I obviously can't speak to the delivery part yet :) But I love the staff and have had good experiences there so far!
    Abbie 6/6/10 and DD#2 due 2/20/13
  • I'm extremely high rsk, and I love Generations OB/Gyn. Dr Mc Hugh is wonderfull and so is everyone I have meet there. Good Luck!
  • I too am going to Dartmouth Hitchcock in Nashua and will be delivering at Southern NH Medical Center.  I chose to go there because I went to DHMC in Lebanon for fertility issues and used Nashua as a satellite office close to home when I could.  SNHMC also has a neo-natal intensive care unit and since I'm a high risk pregnancy it was important to me to go to a hospital that could provide proper care in case I went into labor too early.  I love the docs at DHMC and have seen all of them, they rotate on call for deliveries so they make sure you get to see all of them while you are still pregnant so they are familiar with you as a patient when your day comes.  They also have a maternal-fetal-medicine specialist there that is an absolute doll, and very highly respected.  Best of luck!
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