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Second Baby

My team green baby turned out to be a girl!  The entire pregnancy and labor were so different from my son, I should have guessed!

DS, who is 2, was an easy pregnancy, long labor.  Started having contrax at 5am 3 days after my due date, checked into the hospital at 2pm, got epi, labored, kept losing baby's heartbeat-very scary, pushed 1.5 hours and he was finally born at 9pm with the use of a vacuum. 

With DD, I had a tough pregnancy and easy labor!  On Tuesday the 27th, 3 days before my due date, my water broke at 6am (luckily didnt gush everywhere, just continued to leak).  With my DS, my water never broke until I started pushing.  We checked into the hospital at 7:30am, walked around to get baby to drop bc I was 5cm dilated but baby was still very high.  By 11am I was in a lot of pain and was 7cm.  I got my epi by noon and after pushing through 4 contrax, my DD was born at 1:20pm!  My recovery has been awesome this time around too.  I checked out the day after DD was born and was running around the next day.  I had a small tear that didnt even require stitches and honestly felt 99% normal the very next day.

I was nervous for labor bc I was kinda tramatized after the birth of my son.  I just remember it being a scary time always losing his heartbeat and having to have him quickly taken out via vacuum.  Afterwards I felt terrible and sore for weeks.  However, this time around was easy!  I still cant believe I can say that!  I love being the mom of 2 and also loved having a team green baby this time around- it was a wonderful surprise!

Good luck to the rest of you!

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