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Any ladies in the Tigard area?

I live right next to Bridgeport, and work from home. I am a transplant from San Francisco and haven't really met anyone. I'd love to meet some other ladies who are preggers, I am due in late May- early June with my first, I'd love to meet up, especially during the week. I don't get much time with DH so i try and reserve the weekends for him.

Re: Any ladies in the Tigard area?

  • I'm on the other side of the river - in Oregon City which isn't too far.  I work from home too (and understand the reservation of the weekends for DH).  I'm due the beginning of March - but would still love to get together as I'm a transplant to the area as well.   

  • I live in Wilsonville, so close!  I'm not pregnant anymore though.
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  • Welcome to the area! :) DH and I used to be in Wilsonville, but are currently living farther south in the valley. I'm up there regularly though and would definitely be game for a get together ;) I'm due in July! Congrats on your baby!
  • Sounds great, we should meet up maybe for some lunch or decaf ? So weekdays are good?
  • imageLucky428:
    I live in Wilsonville, so close!  I'm not pregnant anymore though.

    We're in Tigard and have the same pants for our LO.  Go Beavers!  Do you guys go to the games?  DH has season tickets with his dad. 

  • We haven't gone to any games yet. When we moved here we were told to pick a team and the ducks have the same colors as my husbands high school so so far he's been watching them. I bring up the beavers have the same as the Giants DH favorite baseball team.?
  • I live in south Beaverton right near Tigard and am due in early May. I am a transplant too, so I would love to meet someone. I work, so my weekday availability is limited, but weekends are usually wide open. Let me know if you want to start talking by email
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