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Yikes, 30 day shred is here

I placed a hold on a 30 day shred DVD from the library, and it's now available to be picked up.

I'm so scared to start doing it!  I'm going to take it really slow, and probably do it every other day, but I know it's super hard.  I'd really like to lose a little weight, so I'm hoping it will help.  It's either this or go back to breastfeeding every 3 hours!

Re: Yikes, 30 day shred is here

  • Yeah...good luck with that, haha!

    I had to take 5 days off after my first try : )  

  • I liked it alot. I definitely felt it get easier. I didn't really lose a lot of weight from it (I've heard it's best to do it with/in addition to cardio) but I did see my arms & rear firm up a little.
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  • good luck! I was thinking of trying it too, I hear it's a great workout. Let us know how you like it.
  • It is hard.  And there is lots of jumping.  Even with a new good sportsbra I am holding myself during the jumps.  Although maybe that changes after a while of breastfeeding.
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