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Anyone have vacation ideas?

Hi! I have an infant (6 months right now) and I was wanting to plan a vacation for me, her, and my parents (and possibly my sister) for christmas. Not on christmas, just a vacation to do something thats holiday oriented.

The only thing I can find is the grand canyons polar express, which is awesome, except I will need to plan kind of last minute, which creates a MEGA issue with that option. (My dads a truck driver, so I dont know his availability until last minute).

Im in the Phoenix area, and I want to get out of here. Obviously. lol

So, does anyone have any good ideas for someplace to go for some kind of christmas attraction? Like in AZ or any neighboring states.

Thank you so much for your ideas! =]

Re: Anyone have vacation ideas?

  • Sorry, my son is not travel-friendly so I'm not the best one to ask (hates the car).  There is the Grand Canyon deer farm in Williams.  That can be fun around Christmas which could be done more spur of the moment than the Polar Express.
  • Sedona is always nice to visit during that time of year.  The Los Abrigados resort has a huge lights display from Thanksgiving to January (like a scaled down Zoo Lights). At Tlaquepaque they decorate the shops for Christmas and I know they have a festival there every year with luminarias, carolers, and Santa.  If you're interested, maybe try Googling "Sedona Events Calendar" to get some specific dates or other ideas...
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