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Wedding non-PIP -- Songs

What songs did you use to:

Walk down the aisle?

Bridal party entrance into reception?

First dance?

Father/daughter dance?

Mother/son dance?

Last dance??

Re: Wedding non-PIP -- Songs

  • What songs did you use to:

    Walk down the aisle? Spring, by Vivaldi (sp?)

    Bridal party entrance into reception? (New York, New York, because we moved there right before the wedding)

    First dance? This I Swear, the theme from "Newlyweds" as a joke, because we used to have a standing date to watch that show in my college apartment. (READ: Kick the roommates out and make out on the couch)

    Father/daughter dance? My Girl, by the Temptations

    Mother/son dance? Song for Mama, by Boys II Men. He regretted the choice, as the song is realllyyy long.

    Last dance? What else? Don't Stop Believin'. Gotta end on Journey, man.

  • Walk down the aisle? Stairway to Heaven on the harp

    Bridal party entrance into reception? Dancing Days (we love Led Zeppelin, can you tell?)

    First dance? acoustic version of I Miss You by Incubus

    Father/daughter dance??Little Miss Magic by Jimmy Buffett

    Mother/son dance? Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Last dance? Tin Cup Chalice by Jimmy Buffett (we are also clearly Buffett fans)

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  • Walk down the aisle? From this moment- Shaina Twain (I bawled my eyes out)

    Bridal party entrance into reception? I got you babe?- Sonny and Cher

    First dance? My best friend- Tim McGraw

    Father/daughter dance? A song for my daughter

    Mother/son dance? My wish- Rascal Flatts

    Last dance? Time of my Life

    Gosh I was married in 08 and I cant remember some of these!!
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  • I did the traditional wedding march for me being walked down the aisle.

     Sadly, I don't have a clue what was sung/played while my bridesmaids walked in---my pianist backed out on me at the last minute and my family had a friend do my music---I have no clue bc things got changed. My video also flopped---the camera was set up in the back of the church (we didn't have an actual videographer, the church had video systems, so we just used them)...and anyway, the camera got bumped into during pictures pre-ceremony and NO ONE checked it again until AFTER the ceremony! I was broken hearted. My mom wouldn't even tell me until after my honeymoon. :(


    I didn't get a formal reception. We just had a small one. No music---it was in the church reception hall. (Again, we were poor).

  • Walk down the aisle?  Canon in D (don't remember which version) for the bridal party, then the traditional bridal entrance music...geez I'm terrible I can't remember what it's called!

    Bridal party entrance into reception? Announcement of names, no music (I think?)

    First dance?  My Valentine

    Father/daughter dance?  Butterfly Kisses (I chose this when I was little!)

    Mother/son dance?  On Eagle's Wings

    Last dance?  Didn't have a last dance...

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  • imageColindaP:

    What songs did you use to:

    Walk down the aisle? um. ..  .don't know. we had a classical guitarist, and our "aisle" was a garden path that took a while to get down - so by the time I got there, not sure what he was playing!

    Bridal party entrance into reception? crystal method  -a super dance song.

    First dance? frankie valllie " can't take my eyes off of you"

    Father/daughter dance? summer wind, frank sinatra

    Last dance? REM - it's the end of the world

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  • What songs did you use to:

    Walk down the aisle? Hells Bells by AC/DC ...yes, I'm serious!

    Bridal party entrance into reception? (no song)

    First dance? At Last by Etta James

    Father/daughter dance? (there wasn't one.)

    Mother/son dance? (there wasn't one.)

    Last dance? Hell's Bells... again! lol (it's DH's fav song.)

  • Walk down the aisle? An instrumental version of To Make You Feel My Love. (The song from Hope Floats)

    Bridal party entrance into reception? Signed, Sealed, Delivered

    First dance? At Last (got married on our 6 years dating anniv)

    Father/daughter dance? Didn't really have one.  But I did dance with my Dad to "Unforgetable"

    Mother/son dance? same as father/daughter

    Last dance? no idea... I was loaded. Klassy bride, I know!

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  • What songs did you use to:

    Walk down the aisle?

    Ray LaMontagne- "Forever My Friend" (played acoustically by one of our groomsmen)

    Bridal party entrance into reception?

    Glen Miller-"In The Mood"

    First dance?

    James Taylor- "Secret O' Life"

    Father/daughter dance?

    "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"- Hawaiian Version

    Mother/son dance?

    We danced at the same time with our parents-see above

    Last dance?

    Mazzy Star- "Fade Into You"

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