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Hey sweetie...yes i wish we did live closer. This way if our angry babies didn't have fun tonight at least we would have!!

Harrison is doing okay on the meds. Honestly he was doing really well on Thursday and Friday and then today for some reason he is fussy again. It could be the formula too. We have been using the ready pour samples of the Enfimal AR that the pedi gave me and then last night we used the powder. I am really hoping this is in my head because we can NOT afford to buy the ready made stuff. I am going to give a couple of days he probably has to adjust to the mixed kind.

Okay so my pedi diagnosed H with acid reflux because he was crying almost non-stop a couple of days and on other days he would just be so miserable by early afternoon he would cry on and off until bed. I also told her he wanted to eat practically every two hours but yet would just cry and fuss on the bottle. She said it just was the tell tale signs of AR. When we were there she listened to his tummy and then looked down his throat that was it. Does Jace have any of these signs? I hope not. I feel bad for any baby who does. You can so see when he is uncomfortable.

Re: JenTCU...

  • Awww I feel so bad for little H! I am so glad your pedi addressed the issue. Hopefully your AB days are over :)

    J has been really fussy lately but I think it has more to do with his sleep patterns and not getting enough. He barely sleeps at all at mom's house. Then he comes home and screams all evening. Oh joy. :) I am borrowing a swing on Thursday of this week and taking it to mom's so that next week, he will have a swing there. Hopefully he will be able to nap better there since most of his naps are in the swing.

    How are YOU doing? I am just sort of sad. I haven't lost any more weight. I REALLY want to but the fact that I am so tired all of the time is hindering any weight loss efforts. I make horrible food choices. Signed up for WW online a week ago but haven't done anything with it yet. Hopefully I will start tomorrow. I just want my body and sleep back!

  • Oh no...I hope the swing helps out. Did you ever get that Rainforst bouncer I told you about? Believe it or not the past two days I put him in that with the music on and he is out. But I hear ya on the sleeping. H doesn't sleep much during the day either and it totally makes the nights suck.

    I am doing OK. Like you I am still wishing to lose more weight but am not having any luck. Not to mention I actually forget to eat during the day which does not help.

    I am so sorry you are sad. It will get better. At least that's what I keep telling myself. It is soo hard to be happy when the LO's are fussy and you are tired. I actually went and slept at my moms on Thursday so I can get a break because I was sad. It didn't help much but it was the thought that counts. BTW, have you done anything for yourself? Such as a massage, getting a mani/pedi, maybe a facial? Anything? I hate to hear your sad!

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