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Which candy do you keep for yourself?  There has to be something that you save just for you.Wink


Almond Joy.  I'm sure you are all shoked seeing as it's chocolate and coconut. lol


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  • For as fat as I am, I'm sure our shocked to know that sweets really are not my thing. I could take them or leave them. I used to LOVE Reese Cups though. I could devour a bag of them in an hour easy. Now, if I HAD t cpik something, I guess I'd say Snickers. I like the nuts....hehe!
  • Honestly all but the Hershey's bars right now.  I did eat almost an entire bag of skittles though, LOL.
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  • last year i was *all over* the milky way

    usually i'm a pb cup girl, though.

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  • M&Ms and Nestle Crunch. ;)
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  • It used to be almond joys here as well.  But, now I don't have an absolute favorite because there's a lot that I like.  Embarrassed
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