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Saw the skankiest costume ever!

I had to get some milk before heading home and a college age girl came in with an angle was a very very short strapless dress...just below her butt cheeks and very very tight with thigh high white stockings, 5 inch stiletto heels and feathery wings.  The male cashier was practically drooling...she was there for her free ice cream cone....the store was giving out free ice cream cones to anyone in a costume.
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Re: Saw the skankiest costume ever!

  • Nice. I saw an adult dressed like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. A hot mess. And then there were teen girls dressed like ladybugs and butterflies. Shortest skirts I've seen in a long time with thigh highs and heels. A mini hot mess.

  • The only adult costume I saw today was a lady dressed up as Lady Gaga... it was at the last house we went trick or treating at and she was the only person dressed up there...LOL.
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