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NYS getting out of jury duty??

Can you get out of jury duty in NYS because you stay a home with your little one? I looked online (quickly) and couldn't find anything..

Re: NYS getting out of jury duty??

  • Not sure about NYS but here in MI they will pay for childcare and gas mileage.

    DH is a cop so he NEVER has to go (get's out of it cause he knows the people at the court). Lucky guy. I've gotten called twice in 2 years.

  • Not sure about NY, but in NJ you are exempt.
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  • We live in NYS and my mom watches DS while I'm at work. She got called for jury duty and the sheet said they would only except medical excuses. So she showed up with DS in tow and they weren't too happy but they sent her home. I'm not really recommending you do this but thought I'd pass along the idea.
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  • I've been told that there is virtually NO way to get out of jury duty (they don't care if you don't have someone else who can watch your child, you MUST show up)....BUT I managed to do it!! I actually got out of jury duty! I exclusively breast fed my boys when they were babies and I was actually relieved of jury duty because of it. How could they argue with a mothers right to nurse her baby! I don't know if you nurse, but this is good info for many moms.

    I did still show up the first day (by law you have to be there), but as soon as I got there I told them that my baby needed to eat at __ time. They didn't make me prove it, but just to be safe you might want to take a dr note saying that you breast feed.

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