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How do you determine keeping LO home sick?

DS has a running nose today. It's only clear but it's a substantial amount. Really that's about it. He also had some super running dirty diapers on Thursday and Friday. No fever of any kind. We're sticking to our humidifer and saline drops to help fight it off for now.

I don't think he's necessarily sick, but certainly fighting something off. Tomorrow is church and he'd be in the nursery for 3 hours. He's usually the only kid there during the first service, but one of a good 8-10 during the second service time.

Normally I wouldn't consider keeping him out of the nursery, but since it is flu season I would hate for him to bring something to the nursery now. 

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Re: How do you determine keeping LO home sick?

  • I would keep him home.  not only would you be bringing a cold to the nursery, but if another child is sick, he is more likely to pick up something more serious because he is already fighting off something. 
  • If LO doesn't act sick, I would probably still send him to the nursery. If you keep him out of everything because of a runny nose, he will probably be home all winter. Just make sure to wash hands a lot.
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  • I kept LO home from daycare on Friday because of a serious runny nose. He's still congested, but not as snotty, so I will send him to daycare on Monday, but I worried about getting other babies ill, since there are other younger kids.
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