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CD1 on FF vs. CBEFM - another ?

After getting AF this morning and marking it as CD1 in FF, I then read my instruction booklet for my new CBEFM.  According to it, you make CD 1 on the CBEFM as the morning after your period starts.

So that means that I'll be on CD2 with FF and CD1 with the CBEFM?  Am I reading this correctly?  If that is so, it's going to be interesting keeping track of days.

Please advise - thanks!

Edit:  I have no idea where all of those incomplete posts came from!  I'm sorry!  I did notice as I was typing this final version that the bottom toolbar kept refreshing and I thought, "That's odd".  I'm sure this is what was going on!  Sheesh!

Re: CD1 on FF vs. CBEFM - another ?

  • It's been a long time since I read the instruction booklet, but I thought you were supposed to use the first full day of your period as day 1.  So if it started it the middle of the day, the next day is day 1.  But if it starts in the morning - that day is day 1.

    I think in the grand scheme of things, it wouldn't really make a difference - so I would just use the same day 1 for both.

  • Jamie, you are correct. For CBEFM, the second day of your period is actually CD1. Not sure why they do this and agree that it could be confusing or annoying.

    For my first cycle I am following their suggestions. I opened and started my package late, CD 6. For my subsequent cycles I will keep them as the same day. Not sure that a day really matters that much.


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  • Yes, it is confusing. When I used it, I would "lie" to the monitor and add a day so it would match up with FF. 
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