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Nursing Pads - is there a difference?

My milk has officially come in!  So weird when Laney cries how now my boobs leak....I mean, I know that was coming, but it's still weird!

So I know I need to get some nursing pads to put in my bra.  Are these something that you get what you pay for?  I mean, DH and I were looking online at some options and of course we want to select the best bargain.  BUT, it's not a good deal if I'm getting a lot of pads that really don't work well.  

What do you think?



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Re: Nursing Pads - is there a difference?

  • I use both the medena and bravado washable pads, but when my milk first came in those were really insufficient.  Maybe disposable pads at first, then when your milk normalizes a bit change?  I prefer the medela washables now, I think, less bulky.  :)
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  • I'm not sure about the differences, but Gerber sucks!
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  • ok, I hate to be the "cheap" one here, but I actually used the thin AF pads ... it was cheap and worked for me ... may not for you though ... just something to consider
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  • Frankly, I spent the first few weeks doing very little beyond managing my nipples. The babe tore them up so badly I was prescribed nipple rest! After I was done with soothies and madonna circ 1985 nipple shields I tried the medela disposables - they were fine. I eventually settled on flannel washable ones. So soft. So comfy. I love them.
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  • I tend to have quite the (over) supply, so here's how it went for me:

    In the beginning, I tried to use all washable pads, but I leaked so much all the time, sprayed so much on my LO and and to put the girls away fast several times while nursing, and then the opposite side would leak while he nursed, that the washable pads (even doing multiple pairs per night) just got drenched and then stiff during the night, and bunched up and got stiff and itchy during the day. Yuck.  So I ended up going with disposable pads and I honestly like the Medela ones the best. Lansinoh second best.  There was another brand that had bigger sizes that I used for a bit at night, Hygeia or something like that, and I wanted to love them, but I hated them.  Were I to do it over again, I'd just go with Medela until the crazy supply was over, and then this:

    Now it's a little more under control, 11 months later, so I use the Medela ones during the day because I find them least bulky and easiest to make disappear under my clothes, and can now use the washable ones  (also the Medela ones) at night. I haven't seen flannel ones, gotta look into that! 

    Also, there are these silicone (I think) ones called Lilypadz(s?).  I was given them as a gift. I use them only for when I have auditions and performances when I just can't afford to feel self-conscious about possibly leaking.  I don't want to over-use them because I've been told them can sort of increase blocked ducts or infection because they stop the nipples from leaking entirely.  

    Good luck!

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  • I recommend the Playtex ones.  Super absorbent and less than Lasinoh.  Dont buy'll leak all over thne place.
  • I love the lansinoh pads.  I have tried all kinds & find that these leak the less & stay in the best.. I try to save money on everything but this is one thing that I have not found a better solution.. especially if you are a leaker like me then you will have to change them a few times a day.  I don't leak thru per say.. but I am always filling the pads up but the pads have never leaked on me!  Also you can't tell that you are wearing a nursing pad with tight shirt too ; )
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  • I recommend the Johnson & Johnson pads.  I've found them to be the least visible under clothing.  I also use the Lanisoh - since they're individually wrapped, they're great for taking for travel or to have a spare pair on the go.
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