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OMG, please HELP!!! (RE: Storage)

Ok, so I've never had a great supply...what I pump in one day is used in combo with formula for DD while in daycare the next.  Yesterday I pumped my usual three times at work and stored each bag in the fridge, then to transport home I put the bags in a cooler bag with an ice pack.  Well I forgot to put the bags in the fridge when I got home and just realized!!!  Can this be used for Monday?  I know says that milk isn't bad unless it smells or tastes sour which these packs don't...WWYD?  If I have to throw this out I will seriously cry, I have no stash and that means no BM for DD on Monday unless I can squeeze in some sessions this weekend. 

Re: OMG, please HELP!!! (RE: Storage)

  • I thought that cool/cold bm was good for about a week.  I don't have any personal experience but like to lurk here to gain more info.  I'd say you're fine if the bags still feel chilled.
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  • You'll have to do the smell and taste check on it.  I'm going to guess that the milk though was not cool enough overnight.  I'd try to get some pumping sessions in this weekend if you can.  If they taste and smell fine just keep them in the fridge until Monday and send them in.  But, having backup would probably be a good idea.  Sorry, I don't have anything more positive.  ((Hugs))  I know that wasted milk is so hard to deal with.
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  • I did the exact same thing (even Friday pumped milk for Monday).  When I realized it, the milk was cool but not cold.  And it didn't smell or taste sour.  I went ahead and gave it to DS and it was fine.  He took it just fine, had no tummy problems.
  • Or could you feed it now(have someone else give a bottle) and you pump and save that for Mon?
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