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Exclusive pumping moms?

I realize this is the breastfeeding board, but I thought maybe I'd find a fellow exclusive pumping mom here. Due to a long list of complications and three rounds of mastitis, I had to stop breastfeeding when DS was 8 weeks, but I was determined to feed DS breast milk if at all possible. Since pumping wasn't painful (after the mastitis cleared up, that is), I heeded my dr.'s advice to try exclusively pumping. It seemed like a crazy idea at the time, but I tried it. Three months later and I'm still doing it! I don't pump quite enough for the amount my DS eats (I blame the mastitis), but I am able to pump an average of 21-23 oz a day. I pump 5-6 times a day (I work full time), which is usually 7 am, 11 am, 4 pm, 7 pm, 10 pm. If I don't have a really busy day at work, I can get in an early afternoon pump as well. I feel like I am the only mom in the world who is doing this as I haven't found any information on the internet about moms who exclusively pump. I'd love to find another pumper and exchange ideas, questions, etc. Let me know! Thanks :)

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  • I am a veteran pumper. I pumped for one year with Gisele. She would never latch- even though we tried for over 8 weeks and three Lactation consultants.

    TOTALLY not the only mom. there is a weekly check in - i believe on Mondays on this board for EPing moms. --

    Also check out iVilliage message boards. there is an entire message board devoted to EPing. SAVED my life.

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  • and you can always PM me if you wish-~ totally been there and done it all. I am lactation consultant in training as well.


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  • Yay! Thank you!

    How many times a day did you pump before your LO was eating solids? I don't seem to get any more milk if I pump 6x/day vs 5x/day, but I wonder if I am going to diminish my supply if only do 5x/day every day. When I started, I pumped every 3 hours during the day and every 4 hours at night, but when DS started SSTN, I didn't get up in the middle of the night to pump anymore!

    I'll check out the iVillage board and this one on Mondays. Thanks again :)

  • I do this too. My LO didn't latch on quite well at the hospital, so I still nurse her once a day or every other day, but she is too fussy to do all of the time, so I pump with a PISA every 3-4 hours and my LO is happy as a little lamb and already up to 9 lbs in a month ( she was born at 6 lbs, 9 oz). I think this is a very effective method and you gotta do what works for you! I actually enjoy doing this....I love that I can provide the nourishment for my LO!
  •  I pump for my twins, PM if you want to chat or come and find me on the Success after IF board!
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  • At four months i was pumping around 9x a day. I made PLENTY of milk. I froze a ton of milk, donated milk, and stopped pumping at 12 months and had enough milk to make her to 15 months.


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  • I also EP. Right now I am still trying to figure out a schedule that works well for us. I was pumping after every feeding, but that just doesn't work well all the time when I'm the only one taking care of him during the day. Especially when he just wants cuddles after he eats.
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  • there are tons of us:)

    I did it for DD until four months and this time I want to go as long as possible.....I have an oversupply though. Right now I pump 5x a day and will be going down to four soon b/c I return to work Dec 1.. I probably pump about 50+ ounces per say. I think its b/c I am overweight or something.  


  • Thanks ladies. The other boards on iVillage and Baby Center are great places to connect with other EPers, so thanks for those links. I figured there had to be other moms who couldn't breastfeed but wanted to feed their babies breast milk, so I'm glad to hear they're out there! It definitely has its drawbacks (being tied to the pumping schedule and the pump, not being able to help/play with DS while pumping, etc), but there are advantages I'm finding, too. I know exactly how much DS is eating every day, DH can feed him at any time (he is a SAHD)... oh, biggest advantage? I'm not miserable anymore! (BF was excruciating!) I can actually be a happy mom for my baby. I just hope I can keep pumping for as long as I'd like to feed him BM - for the first year if possible. It's hard to imagine EPing that long, but I've done it 3 months already, so what's another 7? (first 2 months were BF). Anyway, thanks all!
  • I'm EP too! It's so nice to see so many others because I was wondering the same thing.

     I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the Monday check-in as well.

    I pump every 3-4 hours and at night only when DS wakes up. And so far, after 3 months we're still going. I had NO idea that I could EP this long but am so glad I have. I'm a teacher and since BF didn't work out for us I'm glad I can give DS what he needs because who knows what illnesses I'll bring home from my school kiddo's.

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  • So, I have a question for all your EP'ers.  I am planning on pumping also, but I am wondering what supplies you recommend I get?  (i.e. how many storage bottles/bag, what type of bottles for feedings, etc.)

    I am very glad to know that there are others out there who have been successful doing what I plan to do. 


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