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Needed a place to share some info and looking for input

The dr called me this afternoon with the results of the SA test.  I think I got the numbers right:  count is 2 million, motility 50% and norm vs abnormal 0%.  He said based on this, I don't need to have the HSG - we would need to do IVF for us to have a baby.  I'm just feeling disappointed that this is the only way it will happen for us.  I'm worried if IVF will even work, the cost, if we can even afford the cost.  Am I seeing the right specialist?  Should I look into other specialists?  Our friends and family don't know that we have been trying, and I'm not sure I'm ready to share this info that we've learned.  Just needed somewhere to vent.  Any thoughts, comments, or advice appreciated.  Thanks for reading.

Re: Needed a place to share some info and looking for input

  • ::hugs::

    who's your doctor?  Are you seeing an RE? 

    I know several ladies who have seen Awadalla with success and several who have seen Chin with success. 


  • E-mail me gullett_rachel at hotmail dot com and we can chat :)
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  • I see Dr. Michael Thomas - he's a specialist in reproductive endocrinolgy and infertility.  I've seen several names mentioned on here, but never his.
  • Have you checked out the Infertility board on The Bump?  They were a great source of information when I was dealing with Secondary IF.  Good luck!
  • I too have heard great things about Drs. Chin and Awadalla.  I am not familiar with your doc but that doesn't mean anything. Just wanted to say I am terribly sorry you got disappointing news. I hope good things happen for you soon.
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  • No advice here, but just wanted to say I am sorry the news is disappointing and I hope things work out for you!

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  • I have a friend who used Dr. Thomas with great results-- twice! Most people in town talk about going to IRH (Awadalla/Scheiber), but there are other excellent options as well. I went to Dr. Thie and really liked her style, and we were lucky enough to have our son with her help.

    Dr. Chin is highly recommended as well, but he no longer does IVF so if your diagnosis is correct he wouldn't be an option for you.

    Best of luck! We are blessed to be in a city with this many excellent fertility specialists. I have friends who travel here just to see docs in Cincinnati. I know from personal experience that an infertility diagnosis can be devastating, but once you find the right doctor I am sure things will work out for you.

    Message me if you need any more info!



  • I used Dr. Thomas for my IVF (we were diagnosed in Cleveland prior to moving to Cinicinnati) and ended up with two beautiful girls!

    I think Dr. Thomas is a good RE, but his bedside manner isn't the greatest.  I do think he's competent, though.  

    Also, I know there that basically all the doctors that were there when I was there are gone.  There used to be 4 and now there's just Dr. Thomas.  That would concern me because it's a large practice to be handled by one doctor.  If I were looking to do IVF right now, I'd probably look to IRH instead for that reason alone. 

    I'll PM you, as well.

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  • Hi!!  You can e-mail me as well - [email protected]  We've seen 2 RE's in Cincinnati and will be doing IVF. 
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