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H1N1 flu mist at Fred Meyer

At Fred Meyer in Issaquah, they have the flu mist if anyone wants that...

Re: H1N1 flu mist at Fred Meyer

  • Is that what the kids get?
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  • Awesome.  I hope they still have it tomorrow morning, because I can't go today.
  • They said they werne't doing kids - you might want to call.   I do know it's approved for kids though.   But Ped Assoc only has the shots.  The flu mist is a live virus, so technically you *could* get the flu from it, but it's pretty unlikely.
  • From the information I received, appointments will need to be made to get the vaccine and the mist is not given to anybody under the age of 13.  You will also have to be on the high priority list to get it. 
  • I know when we got ours last weekend, the kids were getting the mist, unless they had a medical reason to need the shot. 
  • The soonest appointments are Tuesday afternoon and you have to be in a high risk category.  I didn?t ask about kids because they are busy, but I?m scheduled.  I?ll post here to if I need to cancel and someone can take my appointment.

  • Funny about the appts... when I was there they would have given it to me right then, except that my ped told us not to get the flu mist with Cooper here.
  • I think people would be a lot less freaked out if information was consistent between sources and was readily available about vaccines (timing, who needs/can access them, etc).  It's driving me crazy that every dr or news outlet gives different information and no one knows what it going on.  Unknown --> fear.
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