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This IUD thing is a PITA!!!  I made my appointment a week ago, but they said I needed to get a referal from my PCP. So I called him to do it over the phone (btw, he has only seen me once!) and they said I needed to come in.  So I went to that appointment 2 days ago... sooooo pointless!  He came in and said, ok I will send in the referal!  Didn't touch me at all.  So next week I have my OB appt, but it's not to have it put it, its the consult appt!  I guess they have to make sure my cervix is back to normal and that I am not pregnant!  THEN I can make the actual appointment, but will have to be on my period to have it done!  And who knows when that will be! AF just comes whenever she wants these days! It is really irritating. T said screw it, we will just use condoms... but I need a little more protection than that! lol

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  • I think you should try another office cause thats insane!
  • I do love my OB  though! It's almost over! lol
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    I had my IUD put in w/o having my period. The doctor said it would hurt more since my cervix was not dialated but at that point I just wanted to get it over with. It wasnt so bad, I had some cramping afterwards but took two tylenols and went right back to the office.

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